open house

The Junction Hill staff is excited about the upcoming school  year. We are looking forward to seeing our students again, and to meeting new families and friends.  As all of us are aware, the Covid 19 pandemic is still an unwanted part of our lives.  As last school year ended, we looked forward with optimism of returning to the  normal operations and traditions we have enjoyed for many years. Unfortunately, a resurgence of Covid 19 has forced us to reevaluate our plans. 

Once again, we will be beginning the 2021-2022 with some measure of Covid protocols in place to help minimize the effects of this virus and protect our beloved students, families, and teachers.  Some of the restrictions from last year will be reinstituted, but as our understanding of the illness has grown,  some precautions will be no longer necessary. 

Like last year, we will be having our Open House in a scheduled format. This will limit the number of people in the building at one time, and allow us to keep the rooms sanitized for the next appointment.  Your student's homeroom teacher will be reaching out to you to schedule an appointment. The majority of the appointments will be held on August 17,  from 12 till 7, but arrangements can be made for appointments outside of this constraint as well as phone call appointments.  For our 5th grade students, we will be having a 5th grade orientation as part of the Open House on the 17th.  We have requested the 5th grade students' open house appointments be scheduled in a way allowing them to attend orientation in the gym from 6 till 630.  This will be an opportunity to meet the 5th grade teachers and ask any questions about the upcoming school year. 

Please check back periodically  for more information, updates, and  messages from Mr. Dern.

Thank You!