Lee Johnson
Thursday, November 02, 2017

2017 Basketball Blowout Friday Nov 3 rd

*** It will cost $1.00 to play, make sure girls pay money to Coach Spittler and boys pay your money to coach Harrill! The concession stand will be open at 12:30!

Game 18:20 to 8:35Kindergarten Boys Vs Kindergarten Girls
Game 28:40 to 8:55Winner of Game 1 Vs 1st Grade Girls
Game 39:00  to 9:15Winner of Game 2 Vs 1st Grade Boys
Game 49:20 to 9:35Winner of Game 3 Vs 2nd Grade Girls
Game 59:40 to 9:55Winner of Game 4 Vs 2nd Grade Boys
Game 610:00 to 10:20Winner of Game 5 Vs 3rd Grade Girls
Game 710:25 to 10:45Winner of Game 6 Vs 3rd Grade Boys
Game 8 10:50 to 11:10 Winner of Game 7 Vs 4th Grade Girls
Game 911:15 to 11:35Winner of Game 8 Vs 4th Grade Boys
Break Break Break for Lunch
Game 1012:00 to 12:20Winner of Game 9 Vs 5th Grade Girls
Game 1112:25 to 12:45Winner of Game 10 Vs 5th Grade Boys
Break BreakBreak for Lunch
Game 121:05 to 1:25Winner of Game 11 Vs 6th Grade Girls
Game 131:30 to 1:50Winner of Game 12 Vs 6th Grade Boys
Game 141:55 to 2:15Winner of Game 13 Vs 7th Grade Girls
Game 15 2:20 to 2:40Winner of Game 14 Vs 7th Grade Boys
Game 162:45 to 3:05Winner of Game 15 Vs 8th Grade Girls
Game 173:10 to 3:30Winner of Game 16 Vs 8th Grade Boys